Short Film

Rich with a variety of stories and purposes, sequential imagery has been used for over 200 years to capture and hold the public’s attention. Short films and animations have been a popular choice for artist with a vision best shared as a sequence. With the arrival of short digital video, this art form has exploded and gone viral, thanks to online sites such as YouTube.

Art&Design - Short Film - 1

Whether informative, expressive, or affirmative, The PIONEER Olympiad is seeking animated, live action, or documentary short films shorter than eight minutes that transport the viewer into the scene, creates an emotional change with the scene, and motivates and informs the viewer towards any global or local environmental issue.

[ART&DESIGN] | Rules

  • Application: Art projects (except Short Film) can be prepared and submitted by only one student. Short Film projects can be prepared and submitted by two students.
  • Application: Short film projects have to upload their movie on YouTube with following title: “The Pioneer Olympiad 2017: Your own title text”. The YouTube link must be submitted during application process within MEDIA LINK.
  • Application: All imagery must be your own work.
  • Application: File names must be in English characters.
  • Application: Short films should be 2-5 minutes in length, and animated, live action, or documentary in style. Short Films which are non-English must include English Subtitles.
  • At the Fair: Short Film projects will be judged in a classroom on a large screen. You must bring your movie on a flash drive or CD. It is advised for you to bring your movie in multiple formats, such as Windows Media Player, Flv, or mp4.
  • At the fair: Students are allowed to make changes and improve their projects between application and fair presentation.
  • At the Fair: Read Finalist guide under rules for more information.
  • At the Fair: You are highly encouraged to bring your instruments. The PIONEER Olympiad will not be able to provide any instruments:
  • At the Fair: The judging room will have technical capabilities to provide video and sound playback. The judging room will be open to public during judging process.

[ART&DESIGN] | Judging Criteria

  1. Creativity
  2. Composition
  3. Expression of Meaning
  4. Expression of Emotion
  5. Relevance
  6. Quality
  7. Overall Expression