The PIONEER Olympiad 2016 Information

Dear supervisors and applicants,

Thank you for your interest. We are glad to announce that we received 109 projects from 12 schools and a total of 172 applicants.

The finalists will be announced on Wednesday, May 25, 2016.

Only finalists will attend the event to compete, other applicants may attend the event as observers.

The PIONEER Olympiad 2016 Reminders

Dear supervisors and colleagues,

We are very excited that The Pioneer Olympiad is coming up soon and we have a couple of reminders for you;

  • You need to have a project poster, which you will post on the stands that we supply to you, for more information check out your sub-category rules.
  • We recommend you bring any models you may have created to be judged as part of your project
  • The finalists will be announced on May 25th, please check for your name on our website to see if you are a finalist
  • The event day is 30th May and we expect to see you all at our school Hope Academy Rwanda in Gisozi.
  • To allow travel time to Kigali from other provinces, we expect to see you all at the latest on Monday, May 30th, 08:30 am
  • Judging will be start at noon and last until evening. Then we are going to have an award ceremony from 15:30-17:00 pm
  • Lunch and drinks will be provided
  • Please also see the map below of Hope Academy Rwanda for clarification